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Paint Protection Film or PPF is a transparent film that is placed on the car to protect the bodywork. It protects the car from stone chips or scratches. Certain knowledge and experience are required to make this all happen professionally. For this, VTB PRO offers you a better installation.

How is the PPF placed?

Before we can put the PPF film on, we need to make sure the car is completely clean and free of debris. Visible and invisible dirt must be removed first. Only then can the foil be applied perfectly and it will also stay in place.

Only after cleaning the car, we can start covering the car with the PPF film.

There are also many other aspects to consider to protect the car body with PPF. Space, where we work, must be clean and dust-free, we need good lighting and the right temperature must also be kept stable in the room where we work. PPF is placed in a warmer room. This ensures that the film is more easily deformable and that we can ultimately offer all our customers a perfect result.

PPF - paint protection films

If you wish to partially protect your car with PPF film, we also offer you the option to have the rest of the car treated with ceramic protection. This one is a cheaper solution. But this does not protect as well as the PPF film.

What are the options when choosing PPF?

The options are very wide. Starting with what part you want to protect, the entire car, or just specific parts. Both choices are very popular. There are many customers who choose to fully protect their car. For this, we always ask to leave the car in our garage for 4-5 days. This is not the case if you choose to have your car partially covered with the PPF. Popular places that are protected separately are the parts of a car that are most likely to be damaged, such as the front bumper, headlights, side panels, trunk sills, interior door handles, mirrors, … Because the PPF is completely transparent, it is perfectly possible to protect certain parts. If you look at the car, you cannot see which part is and which part is not coated with PPF.

PPF - paint protection films

Besides the fact that PPF protects the car from the outside, the same also applies to the interior of a car. There are lots of areas that should be protected from scratches in the interior of the car. The door tiles and the edge of the speed circuit are easily damaged by friction. This is avoided with PPF protection. We work with the best products on the market for both preparation and PPF parts (film and tools). We also have a plotter to cut the detailed parts into a perfect shape. We have data on all cars. This way we can have the desired part perfectly cut out for every car. Taking this into account and by carrying out our work with the necessary professionalism, we can give all our customers a guarantee of 7 to 10 years. We are always ready to provide you with more information specific to your car.  You can always request a quote without any obligation.

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