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Improving the appearance of vehicles has always been of great importance to all vehicle enthusiasts. It’s human nature, willing to stand out from the crowd and be different by tuning cars. Tinting the taillights or headlights is a very popular car modification these days.

Tinted taillights are becoming more popular every day. Car enthusiasts notice every little detail when it comes to cars. They decided that coloring or tinting the appearance of certain aspects of a vehicle, otherwise known as “smoking”, really improves a vehicle’s altered appearance. Tinted taillights are becoming more popular every day. Why not join the next trend and make your taillights get a tint?

Personalized headlights and tinted taillights.

VTB PRO distinguishes your car from the crowd. It helps to give a smooth appearance and give it the finishing touch it needs to be amazing. That’s why we offer custom tail light and headlight solutions here at VTB PRO. We can also help you match your current vehicle tint to your tinted headlights or taillights.

In our garage, we use films that can be applied to almost any lightbox. It is also removable without any damage. The clear films are safe for all lightboxes. Each lamp is tinted with care and has a custom fit that wraps around the edge of the lamp for a seamless fit.  Contact us to make an appointment!

Our team of technicians places a strong emphasis on high-quality craftsmanship, rapid project completion (one to two-hour services), and competitive pricing.

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At VTB PRO our main goal is to satisfy our customers. That is why we have created an online reservation tool where you can easily find out the service price applicable for your car model and book your appointment online just in 5 clicks. Try it now.

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