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Chrome delete, this is the solution to give your car that extra something. An extra option, an aggressive and modern look.

Chrome delete, literally translated, means removing the chrome parts from your car. We go very broad here. From the smallest chrome detail to the removal of all existing chrome parts.

But what does it mean? This is very simple. We wrap the chrome parts with a black wrap foil. The shiny black wrap foil is very popular, but this is also available in the matte version. It’s the customer’s choice.

The most popular parts for a chrome delete are the grill of the car, the window frames, the door handles, luggage racks, exhaust valves, logos, and various decorative moldings on the car. But this list is endless as it depends on the wishes of each customer.

Why choose a chrome delete? Removing the chrome parts gives the car a new and aggressive look. Many concessionaires allow you to choose this as an extra option on the car. And this costs three times as much in most cases. This seems like a small change, but in the end the customers see a huge change on the car and always see this in a positive way.

At VTB Pro we carry out every assignment with the utmost precision. Our goal is to always provide 100 percent service to the customer. Together with the customer we discuss the various options regarding a chrome delete. We explain then which parts are possible and which are not. Tailor-made advice gives the customer more clarity about the different options.

The price for a chrome delete varies per car. You can choose to have some specific parts, such as the frame of the windows or the logos, or opt for a pack. To receive a quote, we always ask you to send us some photos of the car. This can be done in various ways, via email, social media, Whatsapp,… Another option is to come to us by car. This can be done without an appointment, but please let us know in advance. We can then tell you whether there is a responsible person on site who can prepare a quote with you.

Once everything is clear, we can schedule an appointment to make your car even more YOUR car.